With locations in Dallas, Plano, Garland and Arlington, Pediatrics After Hours is an urgent care pediatric facility established to provide for your ill child after regular business hours.

Dallas: (214) 363-7242 Plano: (972) 618-2493 Garland: (214) 919-3170 Arlington: (817) 701-4050

A Look at How We Communicate with Your Primary Care Doctor

After your child has visited Pediatric After Hours, the staff will notify your child’s primary care physician within 24 hours. Whether your child has seen the emergency pediatrician for an illness or injured limb, the urgent care staff will make sure the primary pediatrician’s records are up-to-date with timely communication.

Your child’s primary pediatrician will receive a fax or email within 24 hours of your visit. This fax will include all necessary paperwork and records. X-rays, labs, diagnosis, and continuing treatment recommendations will be included to inform the pediatrician of the steps that were taken. These records will enter your child’s permanent chart and advise the primary pediatrician for follow-up appointments and any appointments going forward. In the event that the emergency pediatricians believe your child needs to be admitted to the hospital, the primary pediatrician will be notified immediately.

Pediatrics After Hours was created so parents would have a safe and specialized urgent care meant for kids. We believe all children should receive the same dedicated care they would receive with their own pediatrician near the DFW area. Please call us at (214) 363-7242 if you have any questions about our services.

How to Tell if Your Child Has a Broken Bone

When your child has injured themselves, it may be difficult to determine if it is a sprain or broken bone. If you are unsure, then you should always call or visit your closest pediatric urgent care for immediate help. However, there are some clear signs that your child might have a broken bone.

The Injured Limb Is Noticeably Deformed

If your child’s arm, leg, or other limb has sustained an injury, it may look deformed from a broken bone. Deformities might include the broken bone poking through the skin or the limb hanging at an odd angle. Broken bones will also cause swelling and bruising around the immediate injury and possibly the surrounding areas.

It Is Painful to Move or Touch

Though a sprained limb may be painful to move, a broken limb will be even more painful to move and cause pain if it is touched. Your child may not be able to move the limb at all or without extreme pain and difficulty. If your child has sustained an injury to the leg, then he or she will not be able to put weight on it. This may warrant a temporary wheelchair when entering the urgent care for children.

There Was an Audible Snap

It is possible to hear a noise when the injury occurred. This is a clear sign that a limb may have been broken. You or your child may have heard a snap as the bone broke. Another sign could be hearing a grinding noise during the injury. If you or your child heard a noise when the injury happened, then head to your nearest urgent care facility right away.

Broken or sprained bones should never be ignored. Please visit Pediatrics After Hours at one of our four urgent care facilities near the DFW area, if your child has sustained an injury. We host over a dozen pediatricians at our pediatric urgent care, so please call us if you have any questions. We are available at (214) 363-7242.

A Look at Eczema in Babies

Babies may develop a rash on their cheeks or scalps that looks like dry, scaly skin. Sometimes, the skin may develop red bumps that can ooze and even become infected. This is most likely eczema. While it is not typically dangerous, it can be very uncomfortable for your baby. If your baby is fussy and in need of immediate care, consider visiting your pediatric urgent care.

As seen in the video, eczema is caused by a combination of dry skin and allergies. Pediatricians have different ways of treating eczema, including topical steroids and antihistamines. It is important to keep your baby from scratching the affected areas to avoid possible infection.

When you need after-hours pediatric care, you know to call Pediatrics After Hours at (214) 363-7242. Our after-hours pediatricians can help bring your baby or child comfort at our four urgent care facilities near the DFW area.

Common Causes of Food Poisoning in Kids

It can be scary when a child suddenly becomes sick with vomiting or diarrhea. These symptoms may be caused by food poisoning. If they continue to worsen, then the child should see an emergency pediatrician soon.

Contaminated Water

Improperly filtered water can cause food poisoning in all humans, but especially children with growing immune systems. Water can become contaminated by chemicals and feces from animals and humans. Other bacteria may be found in water, such as from a deceased animal, that may cause food poisoning. Unfiltered water, possibly from a lake, river, or another unmonitored water source, can cause mild to severe food poisoning in kids, if it has been contaminated.

Contaminated Food

All types of food can become contaminated, whether it is fresh, cooked, or preserved. Most often, meat, poultry, and seafood can be contaminated by bacteria and infectious microorganisms. This may occur if it was improperly handled during shipping or preparation. Food can also easily become contaminated if it has been stored at the wrong temperature or kept past its expiration date. Often, foods that have been left on the kitchen counter for too long and then eaten could possibly cause food poisoning in kids.

Contaminated Preparation

If the cook or handler was sick while making food and handling food, it is possible that food will become contaminated with bacteria or a virus. Usually, these contaminants will die off as long as the food was cooked at the right temperature for the appropriate amount of time. Uncooked vegetables should not be stored next to raw meat or handled with the same utensils if they have not been cleaned. Bacteria can easily transfer to other surfaces and contaminate them.

If your child is experiencing signs of food poisoning, please contact Pediatrics After Hours at (214) 363-7242. We are a pediatric urgent care with dedicated pediatricians ready to help your child find comfort. Contact us or visit our website to learn more about our ER for kids and four urgent care locations in the DFW area.

Immunizations and Sports Physicals: Which Vaccines Are Required?

Sports physicals are required by most school and community athletics programs to ensure that all kids who take the field are healthy enough to compete safely. At Pediatrics After Hours, we offer sports physicals at times that are convenient for you, when your child’s pediatrician’s office is closed. We also offer a limited number of immunizations to meet your child’s team’s requirements.

The exact vaccines required during sports physicals can vary, but generally, teams require the same kinds of immunizations that schools do. Your child’s pediatrician should have an up-to-date list of your child’s immunizations to help you determine if he or she has all of the vaccines required to participate. During your child’s sports physical, our pediatrics urgent care clinic can provide additional immunizations as needed or refer you back to your pediatrician when necessary.

Make sports physicals easy by choosing Pediatric After Hours. With four convenient pediatric urgent care locations in the DFW area, we can schedule a physical at a time that works for you. Whenever your child needs urgent care or an after-hours physical, call us at (214) 363-7242.

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