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    Exploring Common Causes of Diarrhea in Kids

    Last updated 5 days ago

    Diarrhea is a frequent issue for kids. It’s more common in children than in adults because kids’ systems are less able to fight off infections. Because children are at risk of dangerous dehydration when they have diarrhea, seeking urgent pediatric care might be necessary. Here’s a look at some of the most common reasons why kids experience diarrhea. 


    Many different types of infections can cause diarrhea in kids, but viruses are the most common culprits. With viral gastroenteritis, your child may experience symptoms for anywhere from five to 14 days, which leaves them extremely vulnerable to dehydration. A pediatrician can help you manage your child’s fluid levels to prevent dangerous complications.


    Some types of medications can cause gastrointestinal symptoms in children, including diarrhea. Antibiotics and laxatives are the most likely to cause issues. Although it may be tempting to discontinue the medications because of the side effect, don’t make any changes without first speaking to a pediatrician. Treat mild diarrhea with liquids to avoid dehydration and talk to the doctor. A pediatrician may decide to switch your child to a different medication, or he or she may determine that the benefits of the medication outweigh this side effect.

    Food Poisoning

    In children, diarrhea associated with food poisoning usually comes on very quickly and may be accompanied by vomiting. This type of diarrhea is usually short-lived—it typically clears up within 24 hours. Most cases of food poisoning diarrhea can be treated at home by providing fluids, but seek urgent pediatric care if it is severe or if you think your child is becoming dehydrated.

    At Pediatrics After Hours in Dallas, we provide pediatric care outside of standard business hours. Our caring pediatricians can respond to a range of urgent pediatric health needs. Find out more about our services by calling (214) 363-7242. 

    The Importance of Flu Vaccines for Kids

    Last updated 12 days ago

    One of the most important things you can do to protect your kids’ health is have them get flu vaccines. Pediatricians recommend that children over six months of age get annual flu vaccines to help them avoid the potentially dangerous flu virus.

    The flu vaccine is especially important for children for a few different reasons. First, they are more vulnerable to infection because they are less likely to wash their hands frequently than adults. Second, the flu can be deadly for young people. Because children’s immune systems are less developed than those of adults, they are not as able to fight off the infection, making children vulnerable to dangerous complications.

    At Pediatrics After Hours, our pediatricians offer flu vaccines on a walk-in basis, so you can see us when it fits into your schedule. Whenever your child needs urgent care, you can visit our after-hours pediatricians in Dallas. For more information, please call (214) 363-7242. 

    Christmas and New Year's Holiday Hours 2014

    Last updated 18 days ago

    Tips for Managing Your Child's Asthma This Winter

    Last updated 19 days ago

    Winter can spell trouble for children with asthma, but there are steps you can take to lessen the impact of cold temperatures on your child’s health. Start by making sure you are ready to get him or her medical care when symptoms get out of control. At Pediatrics After Hours, we’re open when your pediatrician’s office isn’t and can provide the urgent care your little one needs. Help your child with asthma stay well this winter with these tips. 

    Emphasize Hand Washing

    Schools are often “ground zero” for winter infections like colds, which can make asthma symptoms more severe. Kids aren’t known to be vigilant about hand washing, so teach your child the importance of clean hands and demonstrate good hand washing techniques using warm water and soap. Talk to your child’s teacher about making hand washing part of the school day, especially before eating. Pack a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your child’s school supplies for when he or she needs to wash up and can’t get to a sink.

    Take Your Child for a Flu Vaccine

    The CDC recommends that everyone over six months of age get a flu vaccine each year, and this advice is even more important for kids with chronic medical conditions, like asthma. At Pediatrics After Hours, you can get your child a flu vaccine when it is convenient for your schedule, thanks to our extended office hours.

    Replace Filters

    When you crank up your heat, warm air might not be the only thing flowing from your vents. Dust and debris could also be released into your home, which can irritate your child’s lungs. Replacing your air filters on a monthly basis will help keep your child’s asthma symptoms under control.

    When your child’s asthma flares up, Pediatrics After Hours in Dallas is here to help. We provide urgent pediatric walk-in care when your child needs it—not just when you can get an appointment at the pediatrician’s office. We will even follow up with your child’s regular doctor to ensure complete continuity of care. Get more information by calling (214) 363-7242. 

    Teach Your Kids These Hand Washing Tips

    Last updated 26 days ago

    Germs spread easily, especially through the hands. Anything from a pencil to a doorknob could be teeming with germs that might cause an illness.

    Washing your hands before eating or preparing food and after using the toilet can help you avoid these germs. Put your hands underneath warm running water and lather with soap for about twenty seconds. Make sure to scrub between the fingers, around the nails, and up the wrists. Check out this video to learn more.

    If your child has not practiced proper hand washing and feels sick, it might be time for a visit to Pediatrics After Hours. Our urgent pediatric care is here to provide the medical attention you need when you need it. To learn more about our services or to find the location nearest you, visit us online or call (214) 363-7242.

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